Coffee Supreme supports Emu Parade clean-up initiative

Coffee Supreme

Coffee Supreme is sponsoring Roland Davies’s Emu Parade, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to cleaning up Australia’s beaches in exchange for free coffee.

Roland makes his coffee out of Trish, a retired fire engine that’s been converted to run on used deep fryer oil instead of diesel. Roland collects waste oil from restaurants, filters it in his garage, and then runs it through some modifications for it to run Trish’s fuel system.

“I make coffee on machines that are powered by batteries, on the back of my 1994 ex-RFS fire truck, which I’ve converted to run on used vegetable oil and recharge the batteries while she drives. Emu Parade uses hospitality to address pollution, powered by community and an abundant hospitality waste stream,” Roland says.

Ash Pearce, Coffee Supreme Australia’s Marketing Manager, says Emu Parade stands as an extraordinary initiative that the roaster is proud to get behind.

“As well as being a major sponsor, we’ve also equipped Trish with top-of-the-line machinery, including two La Marzocco GS3s, ensuring a steady stream of café-quality coffee at all times,” says Ash.

Roland envisions the next 12 months to include a combination of local clean-ups around northern beaches and expeditions to more far-flung coasts with more rubbish and fewer people.

“The top end has some insanely polluted beaches that are hundreds of kilometres from the nearest town, which I don’t think a lot of people realise. Down the line, I’d love to establish some sort of annual convoy to these places to start making a meaningful dent in the rubbish that’s out there choking some of our most pristine wilderness,” he says.

The most recent Emu Parade clean-ups took place on 22 October at Torquay Front Beach, Victoria and 28 October at Brighton Beach, Victoria.

Keep up to date with Emu Parade at @ep.cleanup. For more information, visit

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