Coffee Tools Distributing debuts the new AeroPress products

Coffee Tools Distributing

Coffee Tools Distributing debuts the new AeroPress XL and Clear coffee maker in time for the World AeroPress Championship to descend on Australia.

Nearly 20 years after the AeroPress was created, the cylindrical and versatile coffee brewer is getting an upgrade, many in fact. Under the ownership of Tiny Capital, the iconic coffee maker and three-in-one brew technology has now expanded to include the AeroPress XL, Clear and Premium, which will be available in Australia from exclusive distributor Coffee Tools Distributing.

“These models have been highly requested for years and are really nice complements to the original AeroPress device,” says Coffee Tools Distributing Director Curtis Arnold.

The AeroPress Clear is made with crystal clear, shatterproof Tritan material that can withstand the weight of a vehicle.

“The Clear model combines the best of several brew methods into one easy-to-use, very portable device. It’s compact, durable, and lightweight,” Curtis says.

The AeroPress XL is the same iconic press, made with the same patented technology, but with double the capacity. It includes a 20-ounce carafe made of Tritan and features new branding and an updated logo.

“With a volume of up to 600-millilitres, the XL can brew up to six shots of espresso style coffee, or up to two cups of coffee in just one press,” says Curtis.

“These AeroPress products received a lot of attention at the 2023 Melbourne International Coffee Expo. It’s great to see such uptake in the Australian coffee community for such a longstanding product.”

The AeroPress Premium, due to be available from Coffee Tools Distributing in 2024, will feature a construction of glass, stainless steel, and aluminium instead of the usual plastic.

“The premium materials and attractive design will also make it a standout piece on any coffee bar,” Curtis says.

To pair with the new models, AeroPress has also released some new accessories to enhance the brewing process.

“The AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap uses a pressure-actuated valve to eliminate drip through and maximise control over the brew process. Unlike others, this cap fits perfectly on AeroPress Original, AeroPress Go and AeroPress Clear coffee makers and can be used with metal and paper filters, together or separately,” Curtis says.

“The Stainless Steel Filter is a reusable metal coffee filter that keeps out grounds but allows flavourful oils to pass through for full-bodied coffee. Made from premium grade 316 stainless steel, it’s ideal for home, office, or travel, and is sustainable and easy to clean. The filter is also compatible with AeroPress Original, Clear and Go coffee makers.”

Curtis says the new versions of the AeroPress come at the perfect time, with the 2023 World AeroPress Championship taking place from 1 to 3 December in Melbourne, Australia, on the event’s 15th anniversary.

“We’ve always been involved with the competition, especially at the Australian level, and have had a long working relationship with the organisers. It’s important to our company to show our support for the brand and for the product, especially this year with the world championship taking place in Australia,” he says.

After a series of state competitions, the Australian National AeroPress Championship will take place on 1 December at Fieldwork Coffee before the World Final from 2 December.

The global coffee-making competition is designed to find the world’s best cup of AeroPress coffee. Each season is comprised of a series of regional and national competitions, run by independent hosts across 60 countries, which culminates with the World AeroPress Championship final. The competition is a multi-round elimination tournament. In each round, three competitors will face off against each other, simultaneously brewing a single cup of coffee using the AeroPress brewer.

The judges evaluate each coffee and make their own assessment as to which is the best, based solely on personal preference. On the count of three, the judges simultaneously point to their favourite coffee, moving the winner on to the next round while eliminating the losers.

“It’s pretty rare that you have a competition like this spring up around a product, especially a simple tool like the AeroPress. It’s really cool to be a part of this phenomenon,” Curtis says.

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