Coffee Tools Distributing explains why moka pots are a mainstay

Coffee Tools Distributing

Coffee Tools Distributing explains the history behind moka pots and why they’re still a mainstay in the specialty coffee scene.

From the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee to the steamy warmth of a cup, creating your own coffee can be a sensory and self-reflective moment of self-care before the day unfolds.

According to GROSCHE International CEO Helmi Ansari, there’s no coffee- making tool as traditionally aligned as the Italian-made, pressure-driven moka pot.

“Australian coffee drinkers have always loved crafting coffee. During the pandemic, many customers who weren’t going to local coffee shops and their usual drive-throughs sought out other ways to make delicious coffee at home. Throughout this process, many of them learnt about and discovered moka pots as an easy way to brew delicious stove top espresso in the comfort of their own home,” says Helmi.

“Moka pots are nearly a century-old way to make coffee. They make a rich and flavourful cup in three to five minutes right on your stovetop. This is called moka coffee and is recognised for the chocolatey flavour notes that it highlights in your coffee beans of choice.”

Its method is relatively straightforward. Fill the bottom chamber with water, add fine-ground coffee, heat the pot on a stovetop, and slowly percolate a bold coffee that sits somewhere between espresso and drip coffee. Today, ‘moka pot’ might refer to the original, beloved product, or the entirely new category of similar brewers with a modern take on the traditional style of coffee making.

GROSCHE is just one brand that has iterated on the style with its Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker. While the form changes, Helmi says this product preserves the time-honoured spirit and simplicity of the technology.

“The GROSCHE Milano Series is a top seller everywhere it goes. GROSCHE Milano moka pots are recognised for their quality, design, and style. The handle of the Milano moka coffee maker is soft to touch and features a burn guard to protect your fingers from accidentally touching a hot pot. And, as each pot is a pressure vessel and should be handled with care, we only use Italian safety relief valves,” Helmi says.

“We have classic aluminium moka pots, the new Milano Stone premium line, and Milano Steel, an all stainless steel version for induction stovetops made for camping and the outdoors.”

The profits made from the sales of all GROSCHE products are used to fund the GROSCHE Safe Water Project.

“The Safe Water Project gives community members access to safe drinking water by installing Biosand water filters in remote and poor locations. The project currently impacts communities in South Sudan, Uganda, Malawi, India, Pakistan, and the Philippines. Every GROSCHE product gives back more than 50 days of safe water to a person in need,” says Helmi.

GROSCHE Moka pots have more than 20,000 five-star reviews from its many customers worldwide. The brand distributes to North America, South America, Japan, South Korea, France, the Middle East, and Australia, where it’s distribution partner Coffee Tools Distributing is located.

“As customers look for new ways to prepare their coffee that they may not be familiar with, moka pots are an essential tool in their home-brew toolkit. GROSCHE moka pots are a quality- and design-forward way to make delicious coffee at home with
a look that will complement their kitchen design and style,” says Company Director Curtis Arnold.

“You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to make delicious craft coffee. Moka pots are easy to use, clean, and maintain, and last a long time. The coffee they make is strong and delicious, what’s not to love?”

Helmi says Coffee Tools Distributing’s Curtis is a true expert in the coffee industry and is well respected as a importer of quality coffee gear for coffee retailers.

“We are thrilled to partner with them not only for that reason, but also because they give back via [international organisation] 1% for the Planet. This ethos of giving back is something that has always really resonated with both companies and makes this an ideal partnership,” he says.

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