Coffee Tools Distributing reveals the latest releases from Wacaco

Coffee Tools Distributing

Portable innovations are enabling coffee drinkers to craft quality espresso on-the-go. Coffee Tools Distributing reveals the latest releases from Wacaco.

Whether you’re going hiking, camping, or staying in a hotel, Coffee Tools Distributing Director Curtis Arnold believes Wacaco’s hand-powered portable coffee makers are the perfect tools to prepare espresso – anytime, anywhere.

“I’ve worked with Wacaco since 2013 when it first launched the Minipresso. It’s been amazing to see the brand expand and come into its own,” says Curtis.

With its user-friendly design and compact size, Curtis says the Minipresso line, which produces 50 millimetres of coffee per use, is the ideal entry-level espresso maker. For those who prefer capsule coffee, there’s the Nespresso- compatible Minipresso NS as well as the newer, redesigned Minipresso NS2.

“The advantage of brewing with a capsule is the coffee is already ground, measured, tampered, and then sealed in a condensed hermetic package. There is very little room for error, so your espresso tastes great cup after cup. Capsules are also more convenient if you’re on the move as there’s less mess,” Curtis says.

Wacaco also recently introduced the Minipresso GR2, a more compact and lightweight version of the original ground- coffee model. The Minipresso’s sister product, the Nanopresso, is built with a patented pumping system and requires 15 per cent less force to pump compared to previous models.

To satisfy professional baristas, the Picopresso is another ground coffee option, designed specifically for expert coffee makers.

“The Picopresso features a naked portafilter and a 52-millimetre stainless steel filter basket which can hold 18 grams of ground coffee,” says Curtis. “It’s light and durable. The Picopresso produces an amazing café-quality espresso once the user has learned proper puck preparation and mastered how to dial in the grind.”

As well as Wacaco’s core range of products, Coffee Tools Distributing also supplies the brand’s newly released accessories. These include the Picopresso Gauge, a pressure meter which monitors and controls the pressure during each extraction, the Picopresso Stand, made up of four easily dismountable parts to provide a sturdy base for brewing, and custom-coloured protective sleeves for insulation.

“The new additions are a testament to the brand’s ability to adapt to its customers’ needs. To watch them evolve from a single model to about 15 genuinely great products is amazing,” Curtis says.

“I always travel with my Picopresso and it’s very easy to use. The same can be said for the Exagrind manual coffee grinder and recently added Exagram Pro coffee scale. Their workflow and quality are fantastic. It’s hard to believe something that compact and portable can produce such a nice cup of coffee.”

Along with consistent quality and portability, Curtis says Wacaco’s products are suited to consumers on a budget.

“If you aren’t ready to spend $1000 on a good espresso machine, you can buy the Exagrind, Exagram, and Picopresso for quite a bit less than half that price and produce great espresso just about anywhere. And you don’t need batteries or mains power – just hot water and your hands,” he says.

Wacaco prides itself on delivering innovative and versatile kit, which is one of the reasons Coffee Tools Distributing was so keen to support the brand in Australia. “All of its products are fantastic. If there’s ever an issue with any Wacaco product, we’re right there to take care of the problem. We ensure the brand is well represented so customers can buy with confidence,” Curtis says.

Coffee Tools Distributing will exhibit at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) and present its full range of Wacaco products. It will also showcase other best-selling brands such as the Grosche, Subminimal and the new xBloom automated pour-over machine.

“We love exhibiting at MICE. We always bring a really exciting product to promote, and this year will be no different,” Curtis says.

“I have a positive outlook on the year ahead. Things are going well, we have a great range of products to talk about, and we can’t wait for Australia to work with whatever Wacaco release next.”

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