Coffee Works Express announces Mazzer grinder Christmas promotion


Australian importer Coffee Works Express has announced a Christmas grinder promotion, providing discounts across its line of Mazzer products.

A Mazzer Kold Automatic can be purchased for $2988 plus GST, for a saving of 20 per cent.

A Mazzer ZM Display grinder can be purchased for $3520 plus GST, for a saving of 20 per cent.

“The new ZM connects the past with the future in one single appliance,” Mazzer Product Manager Silvia Marcato says.

“Its design is inspired by the original 1958 grinder, and the technology leverages Mazzer’s 70 years of grinding experience combined with the latest technology for the ultimate coffee experience.”

Such technology includes a ventilation system with electronic control to keep coffee grounds cool in order to preserve flavour and taste compounds. The ZM comes with a double ventilation system that, together with low motor rate per minute, prevents the heat of the motor and grinding process to affect the grinding chamber.

It features a low coffee retention at less than 0.45 grams, meaning minimal waste, and no risk of contamination of different coffees used in the grinding chamber.

Mazzer’s Electronic True Zero calibration allows users to create a consistent extraction and profile across multiple locations.

The promotion ends 21 December.

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