Coles Express Urban Culture wins 2022 Coffee Product of the Year


In the annual 2022 Australian Product of the Year (POY) Awards, Coles Express Urban Culture was voted number one in the Ready-To-Drink Coffee category while Coles’ brand Daley St won first place in the Coffee category with its 200 grams Dark Ground Coffee.

These awards are the largest consumer-based awards program with more than 5000 Australians taking part in the 2022 survey. These awards are designed to recognise product innovation and save consumers time and money when shopping.

Each product undergoes rigorous testing by a panel of judges made up of industry experts. These products are tested for quality, credibility, and innovation with the product finalists then reviewed and voted on by 5000 Australians.

Research conducted by Nielson for POY determines the winners based on six criteria’s:
1. Relevance – Is the product fulfilling a need or addressing a problem?
2. Uniqueness – Does is stand out and bring something new to the category?
3. Excitement – How excited are they to use the product? Would they spread the word?
4. Likeability – Does it deliver what you want?
5. Distinctiveness – Does it add something new to its category?
6. Innovation – Is it an innovative product?

Key findings from Nielson saw 45 per cent of survey takers saying they were likely to purchase a product that had won POY.

Nearly 90 per cent of participants also reported trying a new product in the past 12 months with almost 95 per cent continuing to purchase those brands. Despite price being a factor, an increasingly important influence for shoppers is convenience, as 38 per cent of participants report.

Australians are also embracing environmentally sustainable products more with 51 per cent reporting that it is important for the product they are buying to be sustainable.

With lockdowns forcing people to stay inside, convenience-based brands were at the forefront of these awards with many award-winning products either falling into the ready-made food or comfort product categories. Out of the 37 winners, 12 were easy snacks, ready-to-eat products, or frozen meals.

“The ongoing and unexpected restrictions have no doubt made Australian household consumption habits shift considerably. Now we’re seeing people having to work from home more, manage more people in their household and even in many instances, home-school children, which is leaving the average Aussie short on time and capacity to prepare lavish meals,” says Sarah Connelly, Product of the Year Director.

“Instead, we are seeing the move towards easy, simple and pre-made meals and snacks, that save people time and leaves them with one less thing to worry about in their day-to-day lives.”

The awards also found that Australians seek “ultimate creature comforts” with 12 out of 37 award-winners being affordable luxury and indulgence items including mattresses, desserts, and skincare products.

The Nielson research also found that this convenience is also being demonstrated in the way people shop, with consumers preferring stores with strong online-shopping abilities that could provide the best deals and promotions.

As such 33 per cent of shoppers voted Woolworths as having the best e-commerce platform while Coles and Woolworths were even when it came to affordability. Combined they held nearly two thirds of shoppers votes when it came to the best prices.

This year, Coles won 11 awards for products exclusive to Coles, and Woolworths scored six awards. Smaller brands such as Lakanto’s Monkfruit Sweetener products, and Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic G&T also received awards.

Despite this, according to Nielson research Woolworths was seen as the preferred consumer choice across a range of categories including Cleanliness (40 per cent), High quality or premium brands (39 per cent), Best range of fresh products & organic products (41 per cent), Commitment to sustainability (33 per cent), and Online shopping experience (33 per cent).

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