Colin Harmon and Espresso Mechanics to host Mythos Two launch

3fe Coffee Managing Director Colin Harmon and Espresso Mechanics will host Mythos Evolution, the official launch of the Mythos Two Gravimetric Grinder, in Melbourne and Sydney on 24 and 26 October respectively.

Victoria Arduino designed the Mythos Two, and says it moves the boundaries of on demand coffee grinder operating control in terms of temperature stability, accuracy and speed service.

Victoria Arduino says that with Gravitech, the quantity of ground coffee is accurately measured and remains unchanged even when the granulometry setting is adjusted.

The unit’s Clima Pro 2.0 system allows it to reach lower temperatures, to expand the range of choices.

Mythos Evolution will provide an opportunity for attendants to trial the Mythos Two, putting their blends through the grinder.

Colin Harmon is a four-time Irish Barista Champion and author of the book What I Know About Running Coffee Shops. He will be on hand to demonstrate the new Mythos Two.

The events will be held at Espresso Mechanics’ locations in North Melbourne, Victoria, and Seven Hills, New South Wales.

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