Grinders’ compostable capsules give the planet a coffee break

Grinders Coffee is making coffee at home more sustainable with a range of Nespresso compatible, compostable capsules launched across Australia.

Three million coffee capsules are sent to landfill each day in Australia. With this in mind, Grinders Coffee has developed and released its industrially compostable capsules to be available nationwide. 

The new Nespresso compatible and compostable capsules, which are roasted and packed in Melbourne, take one year to break down in landfill compared to plastic capsules, which take 500 years and aluminium capsules, 200 years, to break down.

Sally Byrne, General Manager of Grinders Coffee, says Australians have very high standards when it comes to coffee. And as one of the leading coffee brands in Australia, Grinders Coffee continues to drive innovation with its new compostable capsules and offer a sustainable option in the market without impacting their quality. 

“Australians have a love affair with coffee and enjoy curating and creating the perfect cup at home; and we are bringing great innovation for those coffee moments without compromising on our rich indulgent flavour,” Sally says.

Despite some recycling options on existing capsules available today, Sally says less than 5 per cent of capsules are currently being recycled due to challenges of collection and processing. 

“Our compostable capsules are a giant step forward in bringing progress and innovation to the coffee category. Capsules are the largest segment in roast and ground [coffee products], accounting for $259 million, and is the fastest growing segment in coffee, growing by more than 40 per cent,” she says.

“Moving towards more environmentally friendly capsules will offer our customers a better alternative to what is currently available.” 

The new compostable capsules will allow Grinders Coffee’s loyal consumers to continue to enjoy the quality coffee they have come to know and love since 1962. They will also introduce new fans to the fruity, smooth delivery of Crèma, the “perfect balance” of Grinders’ Espresso or full-bodied Rich Espresso, and the strong, intense, dark chocolate notes of its Double Espresso coffee. 

compostable capsulesThe Grinders Compostable Capsules have a Europe-based EN13432 certification, are suitable for industrial composting, and can be placed in an organics waste bin – if the local council accepts it. Grinders Coffee encourages consumers to visit their local council website for more information.

The capsules only take one year to break down when industrially composted. If the local council does not allow it or have an appropriate collection system, Grinders Coffee’s compostable capsules can be placed in the general waste bin.

Sally says Grinders Coffee believes in a better coffee experience for everyone, and compostable capsules are just one-way it is offering more sustainable choices for customers across Australia. The roaster has set itself the goal for all of its packaging to be 100 per cent recyclable by 2025.

“We are creating better designed and light-weight packaging that replaces virgin materials with recycled content,” Sally says.

“Our cups are made from 100 per cent PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified sustainable and renewable resources. We also have introduced single wall takeaway cups and are replacing all our double wall cups where possible, reducing our waste by 40 per cent.”

Grinders Coffee is also collaborating with companies with sustainability know-how to help the business reach its full potential.

“We are working closely with leading roasting experts to ensure our roasting processes are optimised for quality and consistency, including [using] renewable and low carbon energy sources, which accounted for more than 95 per cent of energy used at Grinders in 2020,” Sally says.

“Together with Planet Ark and other leading roasters, we are also collecting spent coffee grounds to be repurposed into innovative and higher value end use.”

So far, more than 13 tonnes of spent coffee grounds through the Coffee 4 Planet Ark project, equivalent to more than 550,000 coffees saved from landfill. 

“On the back of this success, we have committed funding for a 12-month research and development program by the wider industry and Planet Ark,” Sally says.

“This research will explore material innovation with brand partner, Caffitaly, to test alternative plastics.”

Italian migrants Giancarlo Giusti and Rino Benassi established Grinders Coffee in 1962 in Lygon Street, the centre of Melbourne’s famous Italian quarter with the aim to bring the authentic taste of European coffee to Australia. 

Today, Sally says it remains true to its “Streets of Melbourne” heritage by delivering a premium coffee experience, using the highest-quality green beans from around the world, including Fairtrade and Organic products. 

Still roasted in Melbourne, Grinders Coffee is available nationwide, thanks to the work of a dedicated team of sales, equipment, and service specialists, along with coffee training professionals and state-of-the-art coffee training facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Its compostable capsules range promotes this quality and dedication to consumers, who can now enjoy their coffee in a sustainable way at home.

“We know Australians want more when it comes to their favourite brands, and Grinders Coffee is doing all it can to deliver a more sustainable coffee range with the highest quality coffee,” Sally says. 

The new Grinders Coffee industrial compostable capsule range is now available from independent supermarkets across Australia, on Amazon, and at 

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