Crate and Co

Crate and Co

Crate and Co, a small but charming café in Bulimba, aims to deliver a complete experience with a focus on quality coffee, food, and customer service.

Owner Erin Chester-Master says he and his partner Krista Esseex united in their love of coffee and started their own business after meeting in a café where they worked together.

“Crate and Co is a small café that’s proud to deliver a full service to its customers, focusing on food, drinks, and good coffee. We try to make our customers feel comfortable when they visit our place,” says Erin.

The café has a cosy and homey vibe, emulating a poolside bar with blue tiles lining the cafés walls.

Located across the road from Bulimba Memorial Park, Crate and Co attracts a wide range of customers.

“Our customer base includes young families, teenagers to middle-aged customers, but our most significant demographic is young parents,” says Erin.

Since October 2020, Crate and Co has been working with Wolff Coffee Roasters and serving its Big Dog and Lil’ Red Blends. Erin says that they chose Wolff Coffee Roasters because of its unique blends and excellent customer service experience.

“Most roasters only have one option, which is a chocolatey flavour that most people in Brisbane gravitate towards,” he says. “But Wolff’s Lil’ Red Blend is fruity and works well with plant milks. It was unique to Wolff, and we wanted to be unique in Brisbane.”

Erin says Wolff Coffee Roasters has been supportive and provided lots of training to its employees. He says the café utilises a La Marzocco Classic espresso machine, ensuring consistency in their coffee.

To pair with the coffee, Crate and Co offers a healthy, innovative range of smoothie and juice flavours including dragon fruit, berry, and tropical smoothies as well as healthy meal options such as an egg benedict bagel and vegan sandwiches.

“We have a real focus on providing healthy meal options while not compromising on flavour,” says Erin.

“If you are in Bulimba, visit Crate and Co for a delightful café experience that is sure to satisfy your taste buds.”

Crate and Co

8 Stuart Street, Bulimba, Queensland, 4171

Open Monday 6:30am — 2pm, Tuesday to Friday 6:30am — 4pm, weekends 7am — 2pm

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