Cup of Excellence introduces El Salvador immersion program

Cup of Excellence (COE), a leader in discovering producers of specialty coffee, have announced the expansion of its training and education opportunities with the Origin Immersion program.

“The Cup of Excellence organisation has always been in a unique position to go one step beyond traditional cupping training and offer an in-depth understanding of the wide diversity of coffees, the culture and the farmers in our partner countries,” says COE Founder Susie Spindler.

“I am excited for these classes to spark the curiosity, appreciation and relationship building that is the hallmark of its mission.”

El Salvador has been selected as the premier country to be featured in the program, which will begin February 2024.

Through the Origin Immersion, participants will witness the traditions of the country while they delve deep into its coffee industry.

“The Salvadoran Coffee Institute is excited to see Cup of Excellence bringing back coffee buyers to origin,” says Salvadoran Coffee Institute President Carolina Padilla.

“This initiative allows buyers to come closer to coffee producers, so they can learn closely about all the efforts and dedication they put into their coffee production.”

Carolina adds that the Salvadoran Coffee Institute is proud to showcase its local coffee culture, heritage and varietals such as Pacamara.

“We will highlight our traditional varietals so that coffee roasters can develop a deeper understanding on how to roast and appreciate them so they can share with their customers worldwide,” she says.

The El Salvador Immersion program will be led by COE Head Judge Luis Rodriguez.

“I’m thrilled to have the chance to participate as a trainer in this ACE/COE immersion program in my home country,” says Luis. “We will make sure attendees gain knowledge of the remarkable features of El Salvador with hands-on and customised training while hosting an integral and exciting origin experience.

“Attendees will discover why El Salvador has evolved from being a hidden jewel to being considered a specialty coffee powerhouse due mostly to our versatility and vanguardist growers.”

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