Cup of Excellence pilot begins in Indonesia

Cup of Excellence Indonesia

The Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) has commenced a preliminary Cup of Excellence (COE) trial in the town of Takengon in Aceh, Indonesia.

In partnership with the Speciality Coffee Association of Indonesia (SCAI) and the local government of Aceh Tenga, ACE has received entries from more than 40 farmers for pre-selection.

This week, a jury comprised of coffee professionals from Australia, China, Sumatra, Colombia, the Netherlands, the United States, Singapore and South Korea will examine submitted lots.

The final lots will then be auctioned off in an open auction in Takengon.

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Many of the famers who have entered coffees have defied previous stereotypes of the predominately well-known, wet hulled processes.

The national and international jury have been tasting natural honey and fully washed processes with varieties such as Abyssinian, Gayo 1, Gayo 2, P88, S795, in addition to other well-known varieties such as Ateng Jeluk, Tim Tim and Bor Bor.

The results of the international jury will be made available on 21 March.

In 2020, the SCAI and ACE hopes to bring the COE program to Indonesia. ACE says Indonesia promises to be a “challenging” and “extremely promising” new country to bring to the COE portfolio.

The COE it is one of the most prestigious awards in coffee. It has affected thousands of farmers, with winning coffees sold in global online auctions at premium prices.

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