Dalla Corte Australia appoints new National Sales Manager

Hamish McKinstry

Dalla Corte has announced Hamish McKinstry as its new National Sales Manager. Hamish has worked in the beverage industry for nearly eight years, starting off in the tea sector before making the switch to specialty coffee over five years ago.

“In an industry dominated by two or three key brands that compete predominantly on price and aesthetic, there is a huge opportunity for new technology and we’re confident that Dalla Corte is the brand that will revolutionise the market here,” Hamish says.

“Not many coffee machines currently available can compete in these same areas, while still being able to keep up with high volumes and design trends in the same way Dalla Corte does. Once the leading specialty roasters understand the various benefits and attributes of the Dalla Corte range, we anticipate a huge uplift in demand here in Australia, as it has been proven in the specialty markets across Europe, Asia, and the United States.”

He adds he was excited to join Dalle Corte because of the manufacturer’s first-to-market innovation and sheer growth potential in Australia.

“The unique technology and features of the Dalla Corte range, many of which are both an industry first and of great value, [are key,] especially to the advanced Australian market where there is a heavy focus on barista control, performance visibility and of course sustainability,” Hamish says.

“Dalla Corte continues to tweak and develop products with the end-user front of mind, improving cup to cup quality, providing operational efficiency and of course reliability.”

Hamish says he has been excited to see specialty coffee continue to flourish in Australia, as new artisanal roasters emerge and the key specialty brands continue to push the boundaries of innovation and scale.

“The specialty coffee industry here in Australia is admired on a global scale, and regularly used as a reference point by the large multinational roasters and coffee brands for both its prevalence in the food and beverage industry and it’s discerning, educated market,” Hamish says.

“It’s the demand for exceptional coffee that brings roasters, equipment manufacturers and hospitality operators together in this pursuit for the highest standard of coffee, that sets this industry apart in the Food & Beverage scene and makes it a dynamic and exciting world to be a part of.”

Already seeing positive signs emerge on the other side of COVID, Hamish says if restrictions continue to ease, the specialty coffee industry in 2022 will be stronger than pre-pandemic times.

“This is in part owing to the neighbourhood specialty cafés having thrived through lockdown periods and expanded their market reach due to geographic proximity,” he says.

“This combined with many of the top roasters optimising their B2C and eCommerce offering, consumers are now more accustomed than ever to high quality specialty grade coffee, and we will see this demand flow into the CBD and Metro areas as people start returning to the office, becoming the new ‘standard’ for coffee across all areas of the market.”

Hamish adds the coffee industry can expect new levels of technology, with varying degrees of automation, flow control, data analysis, and remote access/programming coming together to provide operational and commercial efficiency to the hospitality industry.

“I think that although the coffee industry here in Australia is world class, many hospitality operators still struggle to understand the complexities involved with delivering exceptional coffee that is consistent every day, in every cup,” Hamish says.

“Not only is the grade of bean, roast profile, coffee machine model and barista skill set highly important, but there are many other factors and technologies that can improve workflow and quality control, and the Dalla Corte range is a great place to start.”

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