Dalla Corte celebrates its 20th anniversary

Dalla Corte 20th anniversary

This year, espresso machine manufacturer Dalla Corte is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, its newly released machine, the Zero, has been given an “Anniversary Edition” makeover.

“Available in both black and white models, the anniversary edition is an absolute standout,” says Tristan Creswick, Business Development Manager for Dalla Corte Australasia.

“She features an eye-catching combination of brushed copper and wood finishes, as well as a homage to Dalla Corte’s family patriarch, Bruno Dalla Corte, in the form of his signature, etched into the elegant wood panel on the machine’s front.”

To celebrate Dalla Corte’s 20th Anniversary, BeanScene is looking back at the last 2 decades to acknowledge its biggest innovations and accomplishments. Tristan provides insight into the company’s last twenty years.

“The spirit of Dalla Corte actually began much earlier than 2001 when the company was founded, when Bruno Dalla Corte’s creative mind was first introduced to the coffee machine industry,” he says. “Bruno began working in the coffee machine industry in 1947 at just 17 years of age, for the Cimbali espresso machine company. In the 1950s, Bruno’s creative mind had begun to gain appreciation and he was invited to manage the team in the creation of the E61 espresso machine for the La Faema Group.”

Tristan continues, “By the 1960s, Bruno was managing a series of technical support centres, but his innovative mind wasn’t winding down. He later invented the steam circulation technology which was used in the La Spaziale espresso machine produced at the ABA factories, all the while imparting his love of the trade into his son, Paolo Dalla Corte. Following in his father’s footsteps, Paolo spent many years learning the trade before he, his father, and his sister, founded the Dalla Corte espresso machine manufacturing company in 2001.”

The company launched with the Dalla Corte Evolution, a brand-new espresso machine that used an independent Multi-Boiler system, which was the first of its kind.

“The independent Multi-Boiler is Dalla Corte’s original technology and the first example of their innovative spirit,” Tristan explains.

Dalla Corte 20th anniversary
Dalla Corte is celebrating its 20th Anniversary with an “Anniversary Edition” makeover of the Dalla Corte Zero.

“This technology means that independent from one another, group temperatures can be adjusted and even turned off when not in use, saving energy while keeping a stable temperature in the other groups. It also allows cafes to have their groups serviced one at a time, meaning they don’t need to lose the use of the entire machine during tune-ups.”

“In 2008, Dalla Corte collaborated with Swiss designer Thomas Liebe to create the DC Pro, a stylish espresso machine backed with the quality and functionality that Dalla Corte had by then, built a reputation for.

In 2010, Dalla Corte introduced yet another innovation in the form of its first telemetric system for espresso machines. Dubbed as the online control system (OCS), the machine’s parameters can be monitored and controlled remotely – two-way telemetry – with an internet-connected device.

“Dalla Corte wowed us all again in 2015 when they introduced the small but powerful Mina, an espresso machine that uses its patented digital flow regulation technology, a total game-changer in the coffee industry that gives baristas total control over the flow rate of their espresso, resulting in more creative freedom and better consistency, all with the user-friendly convenience of an app,” Tristan says.

“Extreme precision, meaning real-time weight control, manual flow regulation, and an innovative PID system for temperature, came with Dalla Corte’s XT Espresso Machine released in 2017. In 2019 the Studio was released, much to the joy of many home baristas, a compact machine made to professional level standards that is built to last the test of time. And finally, last year, Dalla Corte unveiled the Zero. A stylish and elegant machine, the Zero boasts Dalla Corte’s patented Digital Flow Regulation technology and barista-saving cool touch steam wands, amongst many other unique features.”

Tristan concludes with this, “Dalla Corte is so thankful for the last twenty years, they have achieved so much and really leaned into creativity and improvement where they could see room for it. None of that would be possible without the support of the people who have used our machines, given feedback, shared their experiences, and helped us grow. It’s been an amazing twenty years, and we are looking forward to the next twenty.”

To learn more about the limited edition Zero or get your hands on a machine get in touch with Tristan on 0449955136 or dallacorte.australia@gmail.com

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