Dalla Corte Zero introduces the future of water-flow profiling for espresso, launches in Brisbane

dalla corte zero

The Dalla Corte Zero espresso machine is changing the way people crave coffee with its new patented technology and luxurious aesthetic.

“It looks like your everyday espresso machine bore a love child with a Lamborghini. With sleek chrome, rounded corners, and digital touch displays, Zero is the very model of splendour,” says Marco Libonati, Sales Director of Dalla Corte.

But it’s the less visual component of the Dalla Corte Zero that is the most exciting. Its patented Digital Flow Regulator is a handy bit of tech that allows the barista to control the flow rate of their espresso, with very high precision.

For an experienced barista, controlling the flow rate of an espresso shot can help pinpoint specific flavour profiles to highlight in that particular roast, leaving you with a long black reminiscent of tropical fruits or a latte that’s particularly caramel-like and nutty.

“The implications for creative control with the Zero are uncharted, leaving baristas giddy with anticipation,” says Tristan Creswick, Business Development Manager for Oceania and South East Asia.

Dalla Corte was started in 2001 by Bruno, Paolo, and Elsa Dalla Corte, a family of coffee enthusiasts. Having worked with espresso machines since 1947, Bruno brought his love and knowledge of the industry to the Dalla Corte company. Inventors of an exclusive multi-boiler technology, Dalla Corte created a way for espresso machines to provide a constant temperature that’s precise to one-tenth of a degree. Always patrons of creativity and learning, they have also sponsored the World Latte Art Championship for eight years.

“While impressed, we shouldn’t be surprised that the ground-breaking Zero was brought to fruition by the ever-changing, ever-innovating minds at Dalla Corte,” Marco says.

In addition to it’s impressive exterior and ground-breaking tech, the Zero also boasts practical features like the cool touch steam wand, independent groups that boast a whopping 0.75 capacity to ensure water temperature precision for up to 2 minutes, and comes in a more sustainable, plastic-free packaging. A user-friendly digital touch display serves as the cherry on top.

Finally coming off of production lines and landing on Australian shores, the Dalla Corte Zero will be available for preview and demo in major cities across the country in the coming months, starting with Brisbane on 24 May.

“There will also be a flow-profile barista competition, which as far as we know will be the first of its kind in the world,” says Tristan.

While Dalla Corte is excited to launch the Zero and hopes that everyone will have a chance to experience it, demos will be limited and booking is essential.

If you’re in Brisbane and would like to book yourself (and your coffee squad) a free no obligation demo on the machine, register here: https://l.linklyhq.com/l/RmH4

Stay tuned for more information and the how to register for the upcoming barista competition, and feel free to contact Tristan directly on 0449955136 or learn more at the website here: https://au.dallacorte.com


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