Danes Specialty Coffee release cold brew coffees

To make the most of the warmer months, Danes Specialty Coffee has launched a new line of cold brew coffees.

“Cold brew is an excellent way to brew coffee,” said Paul Jackson, Managing Director of Danes.

“It has a clean, bright flavour, and is refreshing and convenient. It’s no surprise that at the moment there is a cold brew revolution happening,” he said.

Just as the name suggests, cold brew is coffee that is brewed over cold water. Coarsely ground specialty coffee beans are soaked in water for up to 10 hours, and then filtered through a fine mesh or filter. The result is a dark and concentrated liquid with a light liqueur mouth feel that is then consumed straight, served over ice, or mixed with water.

The Danes small-batch Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate is brewed at Danes’ Brookvale facility, using a different single origin each day. It is brewed and decanted over four hours. The concentrate is available in 170-milliliter bottles.

Danes has also launched a 750-milliliter bottle of cold brew using its award-winning Four Elements espresso blend, roasted specifically for cold brewing. These freshly roasted beans are left to brew in a filter grind, and then bottled fresh.

For a different twist on cold brew, try Danes’ Guinness-like Nitro Four Elements cold brew. This cold brew infused with nitrogen and carbon dioxide is available commercially from the tap.

Danes Cold Brew contains only natural ingredients – fresh specialty coffee and filtered water. It will last up to five to six weeks in the refrigerator.

Specialty cold brew coffee is an excellent alternative to using instant coffee in recipes, especially desserts.

Danes Cold Brew Coffee 170-milliter bottle, RRP $7.95.

Danes Cold Brew Coffee 750-milliter bottle, (25 x 30-milliter servings per bottle), RRP $35.

Danes Nitro Cold Brew is now available from the tap in kegs for commercial use.

For more information visit www.danes.com.au

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