Danny Andrade takes out third place in World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship

World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship

Australian competitor Danny Andrade of Processing Methods Bootcamp has won third place in the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship, which took place at the Taiwan International Coffee Show from 17 to 20 November.

“[The cocktails] were inspired by two of my favourite memories,” Danny said in his performance.

Contestants were tasked with creating two Irish coffees and two coffee-and-alcohol-based designer drinks. Danny’s Irish coffee was inspired by the flavours of Christmas. He used a SL28 varietal from Martin Mwangi, a producer from Ngacha Coffee Estate in Kenya.

The brew recipe consisted of 40 grams of coffee and 400 millilitres of water. Danny added 30 millilitres of Kavalan whiskey, 15 millilitres of Redbreast Irish whiskey and 30 millilitres of Muscovado syrup. He topped the coffee off with Riverina Fresh thickened cream. The Irish coffee had notes of sultanas, candied orange, warm spices and a sweet finish “like a Christmas cake.”

For his designer drink, named Morning Mist, Danny was inspired by the early morning mist that enveloped the coffee farm on his first origin trip to Panama.

His recipe consisted of 40 millilitres of Salvarey Panama white rum, 20 millilitres of French elderflower syrup and 20 millilitres of purple grape kaffir syrup to pair with the Geisha chilled espresso. Flavour notes included yellow peach, grapefruit, lychee and jasmine.

“Morning Mist is a perfect drink to serve in cocktail bars and high-end cafés,” Danny told the judges.

“Memories are special moments to share with friends and family. I’m so glad I’m here today to share mine with you.”

For more information and to view the Livestream of the competition, visit the World Coffee Championships website.

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