Danny Andrade wins ASCA Coffee in Good Spirits Championship

ASCA Coffee in Good Spirits Championship

Danny Andrade of Neli Coffee in Queensland has won the 2023 Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) Coffee in Good Spirits Championship.

“I feel honoured and proud to have won,” says Danny. “To me, the trophy represents hard work as well as the camradery and incredible support I received from my wife, team, and friend throughout my preparation.”

Tony Xie of Plus Two Coffee finished second, while Mook Liengraksa of Axil Coffee Roasters and Terroir Lab placed third.

The competition saw some of Australia’s top mixologists prepare two Irish coffees followed by two unique alcohol-based designer drinks for a panel of judges.

Points were awarded for seamless and classy execution and customer service.

Danny, who is also the Founder of Processing Methods Bootcamp, presented his ‘Love Potion’ as his designer drink.

“My routine was all about my collaboration with Martin Mwangi, an open-minded producer from Ngacha Coffee Estate in Kenya” says Danny. “We connected three years ago and started experimenting at his coffee farm to create a new coffee processing method called Competition Series – Hybrid Natural.

“This was the inspiration behind the design of my coffee cocktails.”

Danny will go on to represent Australia in the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship at the Taiwan International Coffee Show, taking place from 17 to 20 November.

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