David Beckham drinks three lattes in half an hour at Coffee Alchemy

Coffee Alchemy

Celebrity couple Victoria and David Beckham have visited Marrickville café Coffee Alchemy, where Co-owner Clare Lim says the international soccer star ordered three lattes over the course of his half hour stay.

“He took such an interest in our coffee and we were only too happy to run through all our blends and Single Estates,” Clare says.

In Australia to support the 2018 Invictus Games, David ordered a latte made with Coffee Alchemy’s Goodness Galileo house blend, while fashion designer and former Spice Girl Victoria ordered an Iced Batch Brew made with the café’s Single Estate Kenya Thunguri Peaberry.

After drinking his first latte, David ordered an extra hot three-quarter latte which was made with Coffee Alchemy’s Sibila’s Brew blend. He then ordered a third cup, requesting an extra hot latte made with Goodness Galileo.

On his way out, he bought a bag of Goodness Galileo and was gifted a bag of Sibila’s Brew.

Clare says that after the celebrity pair’s visit on 25 October, she was offered $1000 for the cup David used.

“We’re not selling it, we’re keeping it forever,” she says. “We might put it a little glass box.”

Clare says while she appreciates the appearance by the international guests, she does not value them above the rest of her customers.

“We have women and men from all walks of life who are equally celebrated in their own sphere drink our coffee every single day,” she says.

“And then we have politicians, actors, sports stars, writers, musicians, professors and High Court Judges as our customers too.

“All our customers are celebrities in their own right.”

Image: David Beckham with Coffee Alchemy Barista Romano Kim. Taken by Kelsey Kobelka.