DaVinci Gourmet launches Health Boost range

DaVinci Gourmet Health Boost

DaVinci Gourmet has introduced a new range of five beverage solutions fortified to enhance wellbeing – Wellmune Boost, Culture Boost, Plant Protein Boost, Turmeric Craft Blend and Bulletproof Craft Blend. Formulated with Kerry’s proprietary ingredients, DaVinci Gourmet Health Boost range is an efficient way to optimise nutrition in beverages. 

Wellmune Boost is formulated with Wellmune, a clinically-backed beta glucan that supports a healthy immune system.

Culture Boost is crafted with GanedenBC30, a shelf-stable, spore-forming probiotic with digestive health benefits.

Plant Protein Boost contains ProDiem, a unique plant protein with all the essential amino acids necessary for strength and to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Turmeric Craft Blend doubles the immunity boosting power of turmeric through a unique combination of black pepper and spices.

Bulletproof Craft Blend is crafted with high quality medium-chain triglyceride (MCTs) oils to fortify any beverage on the menu.

From immune and digestive health to protein fortification, DaVinci Gourmet says consumers are now looking to add more ingredients in their diet that support their wellbeing, and beverage is the fastest growing category for wellness concepts.

A recent Mintel & FS Menu Intelligence report highlighting results of a Kerry consumer survey conducted in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa indicates that 67 per cent of consumers look to the foodservice industry for drinks that offer an extra nutritional boost. 

DaVinci Gourmet Health Boost range is available in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa through foodservice distributors and operators. 

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