De’Longhi Australia launches online Coffee Lounge

De’Longhi Coffee Lounge

De’Longhi Australia has announced the launch of the Coffee Lounge, a virtual platform connecting local roasters and coffee lovers to celebrate coffee.

The domestic coffee machine manufacturer has combined forces with specialty coffee roasters to provide people with access to coffee education and appreciation.

“The De’Longhi Coffee Lounge aims to bring the world of coffee machines and beans together for all coffee lovers to enjoy,” says George O’Neil, Marketing Director at De’Longhi.

“Whether you’re just starting your coffee journey or a more experienced at-home barista looking to refine your skills, this new website is designed to provide you with all the tools and resources you need to create the perfect coffee.

A unique digital space, the Coffee Lounge is where people can discover the best artisan roasts, master the art of coffee transformation, and learn about coffee traditions and new trends. Connecting coffee enthusiasts and coffee experts from across the globe, the Lounge encourages the celebration of the world’s most loved drink.

The platform consists of three key areas:

Aussies can immerse themselves in coffee culture and legendary origins, building their knowledge of the journey of coffee from plantations to cup, and discover everything there is to know about selecting the right coffee beans.

Coffee Bean Selection
The Lounge is a marketplace connecting curious coffee lovers with the finest local roasters. Consumers can easily browse and learn about different types of coffee beans so they can create barista-quality coffee at home. The De’Longhi Coffee Lounge currently has 28 coffee packs from seven local roasters including Industry Beans, Criteria Coffee, and Seven Miles Coffee Roasters, for customers to explore. Finding the perfect match is easy, allowing visitors to take a one-minute quiz which delivers personalised recommendations.

News & Recipes
Visitors will also enjoy industry news, recipes, tips and tricks from coffee experts. This includes the latest trends, innovations, and introduces our roasters and their blends.

“Whilst lockdowns around the country limit how far we can travel at the moment, we want to be able to support roasters across the country with the launch of this new website,” George says.

“Our aim is to support the coffee industry and become the first destination that coffee lovers head to if they wish to learn more and discover the newest, widest variety of artisan blends.”

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