De’Longhi expands La Specialista manual coffee machine range

La Specialista Prestigio

De’Longhi has released the La Specialista Prestigio, its newest manual coffee machine in the brand’s La Specialista range. Designed for the passionate coffee drinkers who wants to fine tune their craft at home, the La Specialista Prestigio creates a hands-on coffee making experience while supporting users throughout the process.

The La Specialista Prestigio offers brand-specific technology including Active Temperature Control which ranges between 90°C to 96°C to accommodate different coffee bean varieties. Throughout the brewing process, the water temperature is precisely controlled which seeks to ensure temperature stability and extraction consistency.

The new model also offers Sensor Grinding Technology with eight grinding levels to allow for precision control and grinding variability. Taking into account each coffee bean’s uniqueness, the grind settings have been designed to maximise coffee bean aroma with level one being the finest grind size and level eight featuring the coarsest grind size.

Equipped with a Smart Tamping station, the La Specialista Prestigio helps users achieve consistent tamping pressure and reduces mess from coffee grounds. The machine also comes with three automatic one-touch recipes including Espresso, Coffee, and Long Black.

With a Dynamic Pre-Infusion function, the machine adapts pre-infusion lengths to complement the density of the coffee dose, improving coffee extraction through ensuring an even distribution of water across the coffee ground’s surface area.

The La Specialista Prestigio also comes with a MyLatteArt steam wand that creates smooth microfoamed milk.

In 2020, De’Longhi launched its first machine in the range called La Specialista Maestro. This year, alongside the launch of La Specialista Prestigio, De’Longhi has released the La Specialista Maestro in Matt Black.

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