De’Longhi unveils La Specialista Maestro

La Specialista Maestro

De’Longhi has released its new La Specialista Maestro, bringing the latest cold extraction technology to Australia.

The manual bean-to-cup La Specialista Maestro delivers quality cold brew in under five minutes, instead of the traditional 15-to-24-hour process relied on by café and homebrewers.

“As our country’s passion for coffee shows no sign of slowing, it’s really exciting to offer Australians the opportunity to challenge their coffee preferences and explore new and different coffee recipes and roasts to enjoy,” says three-time Australian Barista Champion Craig Simon.

“The new La Specialista Maestro’s cutting-edge technology offers Australians cold brew on demand and in a matter of minutes, creating a new way to enjoy at home.”

With eight grind settings, five temperature settings, dose, and quality control, the La Specialista Maestro allows home baristas to manually adjust their brew to deliver according to the type of beans, the roast and personal taste. It also has eight pre-set hot and cold recipes, including Cold Brew and Espresso Cool.

De’Longhi says Cold Brew has a light and refreshing taste, best served over ice, while Espresso Cool is a unique recipe developed by De’Longhi. While Espresso Cool may look like an espresso with a thick crema, it tastes lighter and sweeter with a smooth and creamy mouthfeel, and less bitter than a traditional espresso.

Traditionally, cafe’s make cold brew by soaking ground coffee beans in water for up to 24 hours, pending the desired strength of the coffee. The innovative technology behind La Specialista Maestro, developed in conjunction with the Specialty Coffee Association, allows precisely measured water flow and pressure rates, along with specific extraction temperatures to create cold brew and De’Longhi’s bespoke recipe, Espresso Cool, in less than five minutes.

According to recent research conducted by De’Longhi, cold coffee consumption continues to increase steadily in Australia, with a third of people surveyed already enjoying cold brew and 41 per cent interested in making it at home. Over half of respondents say they would like a coffee machine with cold brew capability.

De’Longhi’s La Specialista Maestro is available now on the De’Longhi website and from electrical retailers nationally for an RRP of $1,999.

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