Detpak discusses its sustainable packaging options for roasters and cafés


Detpak discusses its sustainable packaging options for roasters and cafés and its all-encompassing approach to operating with the environment top of mind.

Detpak, a part of the Detmold Group, assesses each stage of its packaging production to ensure its products have minimal environmental impact. Detmold Group General Manager of Innovation and Sustainability Tom Lunn says this includes reducing inputs such as lowering power and water usage, and minimising the use of solvent-based inks and adhesives.

“We are a company with an environmental focus, so we are constantly striving for improvements and innovations to sustain our planet, and contribute to a better tomorrow,” says Tom.

One such improvement is releasing RecycleMe Wholesale Coffee Bags, which Tom says is an easy way to remove single use plastics from the environment.

“Our RecycleMe Wholesale Coffee Bags feature our next-generation lining which uses 40 per cent less plastic, making our products genuinely recyclable. This is verified by the use of the Australasian Recycling Label for easy identification in our efforts to provide a fully recyclable coffee bag solution,” he says.

The RecycleMe Wholesale Coffee Bags are certified to the globally recognised PTS-RH 021/97 Standard for fibre-based recyclability and fibre recovery, providing an alternative to soft plastic coffee bags.

The bags are available in three standard sizes of 250-grams, 500-grams, and one- kilogram bags, as well as two-kilogram and three-kilogram sizes for custom manufacture. The bags can also be custom printed to showcase a coffee roaster or café’s brand.

“The 250-gram, 500-gram, and one- kilogram sizes also feature the same width and gusset measurements with variable heights, providing the best on shelf visual merchandising for any coffee shop. The bags are designed for small batch roasters or subscription-based roasters sending out roasted coffee every couple of weeks to customers,” says Tom.

“The base of the bag has been designed to allow for the natural release of carbon dioxide and other gasses, while creating positive pressure to counteract any ingress of oxygen into the bag. This natural process creates the perfect environment for the coffee beans to mature before being ground.”

Detpak has also introduced a range of carry bags made with 100 per cent recycled paper. Like its existing range, the company can customise the bags to elevate a café’s branding.

“These recyclable carry bags come in a range of different sizes, with sturdy twisted paper handles. The bags are strong, stand upright for easy loading, and are ideal for holding takeaway food or large grocery items. With its wide base, the large carry bag size is used by popular food delivery services and is ideal for restaurants and cafés,” Tom says.

To add to its assembly of sustainable products, Detpak has recently also released a range of Renewable Wraps made with natural plant based wax. They are certified Home Compostable to Australian Standard AS 5810 and Commercially Compostable to Australian Standard AS 4736 and European EN 13432.

Available in two vibrant designs, the Sandwich Waxed Wrap has a lighter weight tissue and lighter wax weight application on one side, providing a light moisture barrier and breathability. These wraps are ideal for cold sandwiches, baguettes, and baked goods, and can be used as a liner in packaging for light grease foods.

The Burger Waxed Wrap has a heavier weight tissue and heavier wax weight application on one side. This provides excellent grease resistance, which is ideal for wrapping juicy or saucy burgers, kebabs, hot dogs, hot rolls or sandwiches.

Tom says these wraps are further indication of Detpak’s commitment to providing the best in sustainable packaging.

“Countries around the world are making commitments to eliminate problematic plastics and switch to sustainable alternatives. At Detpak, we’re reducing the impact of packaging on the environment to preserve our planet for tomorrow. We’re innovating our packaging range to provide environmentally responsible solutions made from renewable resources,” says Tom.

“Detpak’s dedicated Sustainability and Innovation Team keeps us at the forefront of global research and product development. Our solutions are designed to meet your needs and the world’s leading environmental, quality and safety standards,” he says.

“When you choose Detpak, you know you’re making a responsible choice.”

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