Di Bella Coffee releases Organic biodegradable capsules

Di Bella Coffee has announced the launch of a new biodegradable coffee capsule.

Di Bella Coffee’s Peru Organic capsule is made from 100 per cent biodegradable materials including fibres, starch, proteins, lipids and additives of natural origin.

The capsule is also Nespresso-compatible to give consumers searching for a quality caffeine experience at home peace of mind when it comes to the effect their daily coffee fix has on the planet.

Unlike most aluminium and plastic capsules which can take hundreds of years to break down, Di Bella Coffee says this capsule is will biodegrade in normal landfill within 180 days.

Roaster Phillip Di Bella says the biodegradable capsule to its range is in response to demand from coffee lovers and consumers searching for eco-friendly capsules.

“Our customers love the convenience of coffee capsules and that they save them time and money, but are becoming concerned with the effects capsules are having on the environment,” he says.

The capsule with a conscience features Di Bella Coffee’s Certified Organic roast from Peru. The single origin coffee has been sourced direct from the farmer and has been grown and processed without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

Coffee lovers can expect a well-balanced flavour from this capsule with deep chocolate notes and light citrus flavours.

The multi-million dollar coffee capsule sector is the fastest growing segment of the global coffee market, with customers searching for a quality caffeine experience combined with convenience.

As the coffee industry in Australia grows, so too does the number of coffee connoisseurs and consumers. According to market research by Euromonitor, in 2015 the population’s love affair with coffee saw Australians consume a total of 750 million capsules, which equates to 2 million capsules used each day, with demand still brewing.

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