Discover the art of roasting with CoffeeMind Founder Morten Munchow

CoffeeMind Founder Morten Münchow of Copenhagen will land in Australia next week to discuss the art of coffee roasting to Knowledge Talks audiences. 

Morten will kick-start his guest presentation in Brisbane on 12 February at Newstead Brewing, 67 Castlemaine Street, Milton from 6pm.

He will then visit Melbourne on 12 February, taking his talk on roasting, education and scientific research to La Marzocco, 104 Nicholson St, Abbotsford.

Sydney will round off the tour on 15 February at Toby’s Estate, 4/29-33 Bourke Road, Alexandria.

Morten has been working in coffee roasting since 2005. He was originally employed as a coffee roaster after graduating with a Master’s Degree in Biology and Philosophy. In 2007, he started his freelance career as a coffee roasting teacher at the London School of Coffee and also worked as a consultant for coffee roasters worldwide.

With his extensive experience in training, he was asked to take over the development of the SCAE’s roasting certification system in 2013. He formalised and established ongoing research at the SCAE as part of his part-time role as an external lecturer at the University of Copenhagen, and has thus far generated more than 20 research projects, of which five are published in scientific journals.

In the same year, Morten decided to expand his activities and started CoffeeMind, a coffee academy providing unique educational coffee courses, research and consultancy services within the various areas of the specialty coffee industry.

To buy tickets to the Knowledge Talks event, click here.

Ticket prices are $35. All proceeds from the ticket sales will be donated to the Las Nubes Daycare and Afterschool-Learning Centre.

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