Dose Café

Text by Aimee Sics. Image: Sam Gabrielian

Dose café is bringing a refreshing change of pace to the quiet, leafy suburb of Willoughby on Sydney’s North Shore. It’s the first café attached to Sam Gabrielian’s roasting company, Gabriel coffee, which he started in 2006 and now supplies to over 100 cafés.

It’s no surprise that Dose Café appears to be strictly coffee business with syphons, cold drips and a Toper roaster perched in the middle of the café.

But it’s not just the coffee lovers who are flocking to Dose Café for the robust, full-bodied Gabrielian coffee. Mothers, fathers, school kids and locals alike all come here to soak up the easy-going atmosphere. The breezy outdoor setting invites you to perch on an old wooden cable spool or share a long bench.

“I saw potential in this space and area,” says Sam. “I loved the fit out – exposed steel framework, high ceilings and brickwork. And a place where us caffeine addicts can get our dose.”

The café name also stems from Sam’s focus on consistency. “Without the correct dose, you can’t make the right coffee,” says Sam. “That is very important to me. I like to taste what the customer’s tasting at least every hour and ensure they are happy. If they’re happy, I’m happy.”

For those interested in learning how to brew at home, head inside past the graffiti wall to where shelves are filled with all sorts of gadgets. Sam will happily provide education on coffee logistics, having been in the coffee business for over 10 years.

The house blend is Monte Carlo, which combines strong notes of cocoa and berry, imparting a sweet and smooth flavour. A different single origin is also on offer every week. The roasting gets left to a custom-made Brambatti in the off-site warehouse by Ernesto Igual.

With such an emphasis on quality coffee, it does make sense that the food at Dose Café meets the same high standard. Organic fruit loaves and sweet pastries line the counter for a tempting addition to have with an espresso, or an array of sandwiches keep a grumbling stomach content.

With plans to open a sister espresso bar in the future, there’s no doubt people will head there too for their daily dose.

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