Dramanti Artisan Roasters

Some of coffee’s best-kept secrets are those of the beaten track. Take Dramanti Artisan Roasters in the Brisbane suburb of Wynnum for instance – nestled deep in the corner of Queensland’s industrial backstreets, surrounded by factories, barb wire fences and train lines. However, as Owner and Head Roaster Dragan Sestic attests, location is no barrier.

“This is a really geeky and strange place but I love it,” says Dragan. “If I roast quality coffee then people will come, simple as that. Hundreds of people told me this was the wrong place to set up, but since the day we opened we’ve seen lots of people walk through the doors.”

After roasting for 12 years, Dragan recently decided to share his talents with the public when he opened Dramanti Artisan Roasters. “I thought if it’s what I loved to do, then why not,” he says.

Dragan migrated from Serbia to Australia in 1998. He pursed a career as a profession athlete, in which he competed in the 2000 Olympics in European handball, before trying his hand at coffee. Eventually Dragan joined his brother Sasa Sestic at Ona Coffee and has been struck with a love for roasting ever since.

“I’m self taught so in the beginning my roasting was all about trial and error, until I kept developing something that I was happy with,” Dragan says.

Dramanti Artisan Roasters embraces a community feel with recycled furnishings in its décor. Customers are often treated to the music delights of local bands as they sip a latte. Local artists also display their talent on the café walls.

The warehouse features a 6-kilogram Giesen roaster from the Netherlands and a La Marzocco Strada in the espresso bar. Customers can participate in regular cupping appreciation sessions and learn about Dragan’s passion for direct trade.

The house blend is 19/20/20, which Dragan says continuously “evolves” depending on the season. Named after Indy band, The Greats, Dragan says much like the rockers, this blend is “short, sweet, lovely and makes you jump”.

A range of single origin coffees are available, as well as a other brewing methods including areopress, cold press and the occasional V60.

“It’s all about the experience we can create together,” says Dragan. “When customers walk out of here they feel happier and a bit more excited about coffee.”

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