Driftwood Blend


Dandelion & Driftwood is all about extending your palate experience and finding coffee that vibrates at your level.

D&D offers two very distinct house blends representing the Yin & Yang of the business.

Dandelion Blend in the cup displays delicate stone fruit flavours of mariposa plums and cherries that mellow and tempered with a residual sweetness. It showcases a medium body base and has refined yet nippy acidity. It is beautifully balanced and memorable.

Driftwood Blend is deliciously viscous and displays heavy notes of molasses and cedar. In tasting, the cup reveals dark chocolate notes and a rich creaminess much like that of a ganache. With a hint of subtle apricots in the background, it is sure to delight.

Enjoy at home or work.

For more information, visit www.dandeliondriftwood.com/shop

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