Edition Roasters

Edition Roasters

Immediately when guests walk into Edition Roasters, they are greeted with a mono-colour palette with design elements inspired by traditional Japanese farmhouses.

“When you walk into the café it’s all black – even the tables and customer seats. The black colour is non-reflective and creates a moody aesthetic,” says Taku Kinura, Head Roaster at Edition Roasters.

This colour palette extends to the open kitchen and bar where customers can see the food and coffee production.

“We were going for a sleek, modern look combined with a traditional Japanese farmhouse. In the countryside of Japan, they typically placed a central pillar to provide support for the house, and we also have a central pillar in our shop,” says Taku.

Located in the heart of Chinatown, Edition Roasters attracts a wide demographic, from young Asian residents and students to corporate workers.

“Pre-COVID-19 we saw people travelling far distances to visit us on the weekends. Weekends were a chaotic mix of main clients and tourists,” says Taku.

Edition Roasters roasts all of its own coffee, producing only single origins.

“We don’t do blends at all, at any of the cafés. This is coming from the philosophy that we believe in purity and the clarified fruit flavours that can come out of single origins,” says Taku.

Edition Roasters sources milk from independent Australian dairy manufacturer Riverina Fresh to stand up against its single origin coffees.

“Their milk complements our coffees best and the team at Riverina Fresh really understand our needs,” Taku adds.

With a new coffee shop set to open in Wynyard in August, Taku is excited at the opportunities this new venue will bring.

“It’s in a great location in a brand-new district. We saw a lot of advertising for it and thought it would be a great time to open another shop that would be in the centre of a new hub,” Taku says.

Carrying over the name and basic Japanese design elements, Taku says the company will continue to focus on bringing the new shop to life, sourcing new coffee and training staff to maintain a good workplace culture.

“It’s a bit hard in COVID-19 to keep the momentum going, but it’s our job to keep everyone feeling safe and supported,” says Taku.

Edition Roasters
60 Darling Drive, Haymarket, New South Wales, 2000
Open seven days 8am to 4pm
(02) 8313 1000

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