Elektra KUP

Elektra KUP

The Elektra KUP is for the modern barista who values both form and function.

Its minimalist design exudes a captivating beauty while embodying advanced technology.

Highlighting temperature control within the delivery groups, this machine ensures precision in every cup.

The KUP model boasts distinctive features such as the innovative double steam wand positioning and the optional automatic milk frothing wand.

Its energy-efficient night mode and Elektra’s barista integrated consumption management and data utilisation system offer unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

Crafted with factory wooden steam/hot water levers and group handles, the KUP is equipped with high cup group heads catering to various drink sizes, including extra-large 16-ounce takeaway options.

Complete with a large cup warming area and a chic painted body available in black or white, the Elektra KUP complements various environments, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics are met.

For more information, visit coffeemachinetechnologies.com.au

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