Elektra Verve

Elektra Verve

Elektra Verve is a sleek, compact designed semi-commercial coffee machine that is ideal for home use.

One of its many highlights is the saturated group for unparalleled thermal stability and amazing extractions. This is the same group that is used on Elektra’s high-end commercial espresso machines. 

It also has a five-litre built in water tank making it completely self-contained. It is also equipped with a commercial rotary pump, giving the ability to plumb in. 

Other great features include programmable brew temperature, pre-infusion times, and smart phone compatability.

The Elektra Verve features wooden side panels that bring a natural warmth to a machine that produces outstanding coffee. This machine embraces sophisticated engineering, beautiful design, ultimate performance, and exceptional value at $5900, inclusive of GST.

For more information, contact Coffee Machine Technologies on +61 3 9335 2293 

or visit www.coffeemachinetechnologies.com.au

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