Elixir Coffee Specialists

Elixir Coffee Specialists is putting coffee on the map in Perth. Only 15 minutes out of the CBD, this café is situated on a highway. although slightly out of the way, Owner and Roaster, Justin Kenny, says his café is a destination in itself.

“Visitors can expect a cracking coffee and good service,” he says. After 20 years in the café industry, Justin knows what it takes to impress customers and along with business partner and Head Barista, Johnny Nease, the pair are confident they are onto a winner.
Elixir Coffee Specialists roasts its own coffee on a 6 kilogram Giesen roaster, uses a Synesso Hydra machine, V60 pour overs, siphons and Hario cold towers. Justin says it gives him a real injection of enthusiasm to roast his own coffee.

“This way, I can’t blame a contract roaster if the beans aren’t roasted the way we want them,” he says, “I still love making coffee… I love what I do.”

The house blend is a mix of Brazil Machado, Guatemalan Santa Clara Antigua and an El Salvador El Carmen. Justin describes it as having “big cocoa notes with a creamy mouthfeel”. Justin says the focus is to buy coffee that’s in season. A number of single origin beans are available and rotated frequently, such as the Finca La Perla.

At the time of writing an El Salvador Miravalle was available on filter, along with four different choices of cold press. As the summer months roll in, Justin says cold press is increasingly a popular choice with Perth clientele.
Justin says elixir Coffee specialists is one of the only boutique green bean retail operators in Perth.

“Cities like Melbourne are going gangbusters in terms of producing specialty coffee cafés, and we’re in the game,” Justin says. “Come and let your palate experience different tastes.”

A fresh breakfast and lunch menu is also available including signature items such as a sweet potato galette and an organic salad; a fine steak sandwhich with an argentine chimi churri marinade and an open chicken sandwich with poached chicken with lemon mayonnaise.

Breakfast includes a BLT with seed mustard aioli, granola with berry compote, a toasted almond muesli with poached pear and a pesto, avocado and bocconcini bruschetta.

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