Ensuring a COVIDSafe 2021 in hospitality

In collaboration with the Victorian Government, Restaurant & Catering Association (R&CA) has developed an industry-specific micro-credential: COVIDSafe Practices & Plans. Equipping hospitality businesses and their staff with the knowledge and understanding of how to remain compliant in COVIDSafe Practices.

The Victorian Government is funding a total of 4000 placements and encouraging hospitality business owners and their employees to enrol in the course.

Acknowledging the demanding hours of the hospitality industry, this one-hour course can be completed online at one’s convenience. Given the importance of COVIDSafe practices, participants are required to achieve 100 per cent across 30 questions.

While most accreditations have an 80 per cent pass rate, R&CA understands the severity of COVID-19 and believes that this 20 per cent could be the difference between a COVIDSafe venue or a localised outbreak.

Upon completion business owners will have:

  • An increased understanding of the importance of COVIDSafe plans
  • Knowledge on COVIDSafe principles
  • General guidance on COVIDSafe processes
  • Assistance in the implementation of the COVIDSafe plan in a practical and usable way for all hospitality businesses
  • An understanding on how to keep the plans relevant and current to their business
  • The confidence to implement the plans and train their team

R&CA calls the partnership a testament to its commitment to ensuring the industry is recognised as one of excellence, professionalism, profitability and sustainability.

COVIDSafe Practices & Plans is the second COVID specific micro-credential within the R&CA curriculum, following the release of COVID-19 Hospitality Best Practice, approved by the Department of Queensland in May 2020.

The course is free for Victorian businesses supported by the Department of Victoria by using the code RCAVIC. It costs $24.95 for patrons outside of Victoria.

To enrol, visit: http://bit.ly/RCACOVIDSafePP

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