Envirodry towels

Envirodry towels

For three years, Envirodry has provided eco-friendly towels to a variety of businesses, from salons to hostels.  

Eco-friendly towels are a great alternative for businesses which have a high volume of laundry and are looking for something with a better environmental outcome than washing, drying, folding, and replacing cotton towels. 

Seeing the sorts of towels being used at most cafés and restaurants, either dirty or simply looking like it due to large stains, Envirodry was inspired to launch a towel specifically for the steam wand. It took many different samples and sizes of fabric before finding the right combination, with the towel’s textured finish and thickness key to its performance. After three prototypes, Envirodry has an eco-friendly steam wand towel ready for the market.

For more information, visit www.envirodrytowels.com.au

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