Grinder workshops

Espresso Company and Hemro Group to host two Anfim Grinder workshops

Espresso Company Australia will host two Anfim Grinder workshops in Melbourne and Sydney in late November.

Daniel Hofstetter, Head of Product Development for the Hemro Group, will present the Anfim Grinder Workshop: Tiny Details for Great Shots events.

“Today’s coffee industry is buzzing with information. It gets more and more difficult to extract the relevant principals to improve [your] own coffee skills or the quality of a coffee business,” Daniel says.

“Equipment manufacturers face the same issue. Find out what Anfim does in terms of scientific research and development to make the best espresso. Brace yourself for a lot of data and see how championship winning equipment is pushed to the next level.”

The Melbourne workshop will be held at Specialist Espresso in West Melbourne on 27 November at 6:30pm.

The Sydney workshop will be held at Specialty Coffee Curators in Marrickville on 29 November at 6:30pm.

For more information on the Melbourne workshop, click here.

For more information on the Sydney workshop, click here.

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