Espresso Mechanics becomes exclusive distributor of Perfect Moose automatic milk steamer

Espresso Mechanics Perfect Moose

Espresso Mechanics has announced a new partnership with Barista Technology Australia to exclusively distribute the Perfect Moose automatic milk foamer.

The Perfect Moose is a Belgium designed smart automated milk steaming system, intended to assist baristas during those busy times.

“Baristas are slowly moving towards automation, in order to increase workflow efficiencies, as well as the opportunity to engage more with their customers” says Matthew Galea, Business Development Manager for Espresso Mechanics.

“Having the Perfect Moose foaming your milk for you will give you that time to focus more on your customers whilst increasing workflow efficiency.”

With easy-to-use coloured RFID-coded milk jugs for different milk types, baristas can foam any type of milk – from standard dairy and skim to plant-based products, like soy, almond, and oat. Different steam temperatures and texturing times can also be programmed into the Perfect Moose for various milk types.

“You name it. The Perfect Moose can foam it,” Matthew says. “Fill your jug with cold milk, place it on the jug cradle, and let the Perfect Moose do the rest. It’s that simple.”

Capable of foaming up to one litre of milk at a time, Espresso Mechanics says Perfect Moose can takes the stress out of busy and long waited queues.

“Having the Perfect Moose by your side is like having a second barista on hand ready to steam your milk for you,” Matthew says.

Espresso Mechanics will offer two models of the Perfect Moose in its range, the Epic Greg and Epic Jack.

The Epic Greg is a stand-alone unit that uses the steam pressure from the existing coffee machine to accommodate the Perfect Moose in creating the perfect milk texture. It is available now from Espresso Mechanics.

The Epic Jack has its own boiler system, which creates its own steam pressure and is a fully stand-alone unit that can be placed anywhere within the café. The Epic Jack will be available to purchase from Espresso Mechanics from October 2021.

Espresso Mechanics supplies & services equipment ranges from traditional coffee equipment and super automatics to  bean grinders and brewing systems, and now, the latest in milk foaming automation.

Espresso Mechanics will display both Perfect Moose units at stand 207 at the 2021 Melbourne International Coffee Expo from 7 to 9 September for attendees to run them through their paces.

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