Etzinger Etz-I Hand Grinder


Etzinger sets new standards in manual grinding with a fresh design available in two versions, Trim and Regular. Both versions feature a retractable crank with an ergonomic handle, magnetically attached lid and collection cup as well as a single-piece absolute vernier scale.

The hand grinder has rotating hollow shafts to eliminate disturbing centre mechanics, which ensure the Etz-I is quickly filled and ready-for-use.

Thanks to the external vernier scale, it’s easy to adjust and to return to the desired setting after cleaning.

Opened with a flick of the wrist, swiftly cleaned and reassembled without any tools or screws, this is what Etz-I is all about.

The retractable crank ensures for space-saving storage and enables users to easily stow and pack the grinder, or to show it off next to the coffee machine.

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