Euroespresso and La Pavoni on the perfect partnership

Eurespresso on its partnership with La Pavoni

Euroespresso on its partnership with La Pavoni and how the two brands create the perfect synergy.

Italy, the birthplace of espresso, is home to many of the most prestigious manufacturers of espresso equipment.

As such, Euroespresso Machine Company has had its finger on the pulse of Italian espresso culture since it was established in 1968.

Husband-and-wife team Marcello and Vera Nadile bought the business in 1986 and carried on the company’s tradition as La Pavoni specialists.

For more than 38 years, Marcello and Vera have provided a complete coffee service in the heart of Sydney’s inner west from their headquarters in Annandale.

“We are a family business. As part of our team, my brother-in-law does the machine servicing, my sister-in-law and her daughter work with us, and our own daughters work here on weekends. The fact that each individual treats this company like their own is testament to our service and the passion we bring to each customer. Our team of experts are here to guide people and help improve their knowledge and skills,” says Vera.

“I knew that if I was going to start a business in Australia, I wanted it to be something to do with Italy,” says Marcello “Italians are known for style and quality, and that’s what the La Pavoni brand is about. Since 1905, the iconic engineering of these machines has stood the test of time as the original workhorse of Italian espresso machines.”

Marcello and Vera expanded their operations to include a roastery from which to launch their own coffee brand, Caffe EuroBlend.

Their signature roast, Pavoni Blend, has an intense aroma, moderate acidity, fruity wine essence, rich body, and creamy dark chocolate flavours. Marcello says offering coffee allows Euroespresso to provide a holistic approach.

“We originally invested in La Pavoni because we believed in the brand, but when you add in the coffee to go with the machines and servicing, it makes us a more sustainable business model because we are able to provide a complete service for our customers,” says Marcello.

“The secret to an amazing coffee extraction starts with the right beans, grinder, and machine, and then understanding the variables in the roast, temperature, grind, and quantity of coffee. We source, roast, and blend quality coffees from all over the world, which only encourages our customers to buy a La Pavoni machine, as these espresso machines bring out the best in our coffee.”

Marcello describes La Pavoni machines as “extremely durable” and says they are an economically sustainable investment.

“Some customers have had their machine for 30 or 40 years. This is the best example of sustainability; these machines can be serviced, and that’s when people become really connected to their machines. We know people love to buy new things, but La Pavoni machines really last. Some people might not know how to use them, but that’s what we’re here for: we spend time with our customers to show them how they can maximise their investment by giving free demonstrations on the simple chemistry behind an espresso extraction. This allows our customers to have peace of mind with every purchase,” he says.

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Marcello says Euroespresso also maintains a strong commitment to the environment.

“We’ve been using around 60 solar energy panels since 2014. Our customers recycle our coffee husks and spent coffee granules. We give our hessian sacks away for repurposing, and we only use recyclable coffee cups,” he says.

“Looking to the future, we are also looking to phase out plastic lids in our business and are investigating alternatives such as bamboo and more biodegradable options.”

According to Marcello, Smeg’s acquisition of La Pavoni allows the brand to share knowledge and mutual affinities for product lines, paying attention to design and details while affirming the quality of ‘Made in Italy’ products.

“As the original importer of La Pavoni machines, we used to have all the commercial and domestic machines shipped from Italy. Since Smeg has purchased the brand, buying direct from them has been a huge advantage,” says Marcello.

“We still also import genuine La Pavoni spare parts, which shows our customers we are committed to supporting the longevity of their machines with our experienced service and extensive range of parts.”

Vera says customers can now have the confidence that the La Pavoni brand is backed by Smeg’s expertise and warranty.

“Collaborating with Smeg and sharing our years of technical experience with the brand means we can collectively achieve more. Our main objective is our continued mutual commitment to focusing on customer satisfaction,” she says.

Marcello says Smeg has helped Euroespresso promote the La Pavoni brand and that the two companies work together as one cohesive unit.

“We have a good relationship, which is important because you can learn something from everybody and there’s always room for improvement. You have to adapt, and we’ve adapted well to Smeg acquiring La Pavoni. We are very supportive and work well together,” he says.

Since La Pavoni launched its new semi-professional range in 2024, Vera says the coffee machines stand out for their attention to detail and are an ideal choice for coffee enthusiasts.

“As La Pavoni expands its offering, it gives the customer more choice and helps the brand remain competitive. They’ve got a great line up, not just of coffee machines but also grinders, which are just as important. La Pavoni has everything you need,” she says.

Marcello says he is eager to promote the upgraded Botticelli semi-commercial  range, which includes a new proportional integral derivative (PID) temperature control, wider feet, and a magnetic drip tray.

“We want to highlight the improvements. We also want these changes to reflect that La Pavoni is committed to taking on board customer feedback and supplying quality products in short time periods,” he says.

“Moving forward, we will continue to educate people about the important relationship between freshly roasted quality beans, coffee machines, and grinders through product demonstrations, which we believe is the most important part of the process.

“Once people understand how to use the machines, they will feel more confident in buying one and be more satisfied with the first cup of coffee they make at home.” 

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