Recently launched at the Hong Kong Electronics show, the Evebot is set to add an exciting and interactive dimension to coffee art.

Based on 3D printing technology, the Evebot is a digital food printer that prints directly onto the top of a customer’s drink – coffee, beer, milkshakes, or martinis. Create coffee art on the crema of a long black, add that personal touch on a flat white, or even print a logo onto a beer.  There is no limit to what can be printed. If you can prepare the picture, the Evebot can print it.

The Evebot has full SGS food certification and has been thoroughly tested. The printing utilises tasteless and odourless food dye, so there is no concern about it affecting the quality of a product.  The machine’s printing head never comes into contact with the food, so there is no risk of food contamination. The Evebot comes with a 12-month swap out guarantee – if it fails in the first 12 months, the machine will get swapped for a new unit in five days.

Demonstration units are already in Australia. The first shipment of Evebots is due in December and Evebot is offering 10 per cent off.

For more information, visit www.evebot.com.au.

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