Everyday Coffee Bar

Everyday Coffee Bar

When Georgie Bridges and partner Summer Dickson returned to the world of hospitality after pursuing other interests, they had big plans to bring a morning brew to customers in the heart of Coolum Beach, every day.

“Running our own coffee bar is something that we’ve wanted to do for a long time,” Georgie says.

In November 2023, the pair opened Everyday Coffee Bar, a cosy and inviting space designed by Summer and Georgie that offers a fresh, all-inclusive environment to the quiet coastal town where people can relax, socialise and enjoy their favourite beverages.

“Everyone seems to love spending their holidays here in Coolum,” says Georgie. “We’re right next to a caravan park, so we get a great mix of people, with a fairly even split of tourists and locals with different stories.”

Georgie says the first few weeks since opening have been a lot of hard work, but they remain thrilled with how the business has started.

“It’s working out how we hoped it would when we first thought about having our own coffee bar,” she says.

Georgie says Toby’s Estate has been a big help getting Everyday Coffee Bar well- equipped to bring delicious coffee to the local community.

Both co-owners have had a relationship with the coffee roaster for some time and knew they would collaborate once they opened their first coffee bar.

“Everyone from Toby’s Estate has been incredibly inviting and helpful to us,” she says.

“We have a wonderful relationship with the whole team. They are a great company to collaborate with, and we are grateful
to be working with such a dedicated and experienced company.”

The coffee bar houses a range of single origin batch brews from Toby’s Estate, providing new and exciting blends to the local community.

“We’re looking towards adding more unique ways of brewing coffee in the future,” Georgie says.

Georgie hopes that Everyday Coffee Bar can blossom into a favourite location among the Coolum Beach community that not only offers quality coffee but also fresh daily pastries and breakfast bowls.

While the coffee bar is still in its infancy, Georgie and Summer are excited to see Everyday Coffee Bar develop throughout 2024 and beyond.

“We can’t wait to see what the future holds,” says Georgie.

Everyday Coffee Bar

Shop 3B/1806 David Low Way, Coolum Beach, Queensland, 4573

Open daily 6am – 1pm

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