Everything you need to know about Flow coffee telemetry

Flow coffee telemetry

Discreetly integrating with conventional espresso machines, the Flow coffee telemetry system records every shot pulled, enabling users to measure their consistency and quality, either within a single cup or across an entire working week.

Brett Bolwell, CEO of Flow distributor Barista Technology Australia, says this means precision and consistency can be achieved with every shot

“Cracking the code, the Flow telemetry system ushers in a new era of consistent coffee perfection,” says.

“There’s a lot of work that goes into a great cup of coffee. In addition to the skill of an experienced barista, there are a multitude of people already involved in the process – producers, distributors, roasters, and traders to name a few. With so much dedication to ensuring quality flavour, and so many variables that can adversely affect it, precision and consistency are vital.”

Telemetry is the automated collection of measurements, processed for analysis. Using telemetry, Flow records the average time and weight of every shot pulled, as well as the average brew ratio. By collating this data, it then reveals the percentage of shots that meet the programmed recipe, whilst simultaneously noting the individual reasons for the percentage that don’t – all in real-time.

By relaying this data via its real-time gauges, users are able to make relevant adjustments to ensure the consistency of flavour profile. Further to this, data is also collated via Flow’s remotely accessed analytics dashboard, providing a transparency that widens the perspective from a single machine or barista to an entire café, or even a whole network of cafés.

“Real time gauges provide baristas the opportunity for incredible precision at just a glance,” Brett says.

“By generating a scatter graph of every shot pulled, users are able to review metrics and identify trends, such as busier periods, that might affect optimisation.”

Where there are clusters of shots that have fallen outside the optimal range of the programmed recipe, baristas can anticipate where and when to make adjustments accordingly.

“This not only ensures greater consistency but can also help reduce wastage and customer dissatisfaction,” Brett adds.

“Flow’s objective feedback doesn’t just aid baristas, collective data reports can also help owners prioritise resources, targeting the specific necessary areas so their business and brand maintain a high level of service and consistency. Performance analytics correlates raw data to reveal new insights, plan more effectively, and help make better business decisions.  Staff are able to better understand where their strengths lay, and where they might need to improve.”

Flow’s ability to track innumerable variables, and simplify the technical intricacies of consistent coffee flavour, enables the individual artisan to quantify and qualify their performance, allowing for actionable optimisation of performance, and further ensuring that cup after cup remains consistently perfect.

“With so many new developments in the professional coffee industry these days, it’s understandable that one might raise an eyebrow when the phrase ‘game-changer’ all-too-often gets trotted out,” Brett says. “But when Flow has the potential to effect changes at every stage of an operation – while simultaneously raising standards for espresso quality – it’s hard to think of a more appropriate accolade.”

For more information, visit www.baristatechnology.com.au/products/flow-coffee-system

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