Extraction Artisan Coffee

It took 18 months of blood, sweat, tears, and big life decisions, but Extraction Artisan Coffee is ready to change the game for coffee lovers in the heart of Slacks Creek.

The venture has been a labour of love for owners Alex Milosevic and Heather Scott, who realised a hard-fought dream when they opened the doors of their roastery and café in April 2016.

Alex and Heather had a vision to create the sort of coffee experience rarely found outside inner-city precincts, and used their life savings to make it a reality.

They bought an industrial warehouse in 2013 and after a series of hurdles with bank loans and funding, made the tough decision to put their house on the market.

Determined to make their dream a reality, Alex and Heather pooled enough funds to buy a 10-kilogram Probat roaster, a mini test roaster, and crowdfunded the rest to start roasting and sharing their product.

A lightning four-week crowd-funding campaign through Pozible saw them raise $25,000 to purchase quality green beans and a Nuova Simonelli Gravimetric Black Eagle coffee machine.

“We had amazing support, not just from our friends and family, but from complete strangers. It was so humbling to see other people – especially coffee lovers in the Logan community – support our dream,” says Alex.

The venue now boasts a commercial kitchen to deliver fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced food. It even makes its own raisin brioche, muffins, cakes, and boasts an extensive spring breakfast and lunch menu.

Café Manager Danilo Andrade heads up the coffee research and development department. Earlier this year he won the Australian Specialty Coffee Association’s Northern Region Brewers Cup.

When he’s not brewing a mean pour over, Danilo and Extraction Artisan staff serve their own roasted Milk blend, containing 50 per cent Caldas Royale Brazilian beans and 50 per cent El Jardin Colombian beans. An Espresso blend is also available, featuring Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Konga beans and Supersonic El Salvador, and micro lot Prado from Brazil for filter coffees.

“We’re passionate about coffee education and have plans for coffee appreciation and barista workshops, and coffee roasting courses in future,” Alex says.

“Logan residents deserve to experience what has become the norm for people living in Brisbane, and we’re very excited to be able to deliver that. Our dream has been to create a coffee roastery/café that focuses on the highest quality beans and product, but also provides a full coffee experience and becomes a hub where people gather, work and relax.”

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