Faemina is more than just an espresso coffee machine, it’s an exclusive design element that symbolises a high-quality lifestyle. The one-group espresso machine is designed for the home market and high-end professional settings including boutiques, concept stores, and any small to mid-size businesses that aim to provide an emotional coffee experience to their customers.

Faemina incorporates strong design elements with its minimal and classy characteristics while combining innovative technology to ensure the espresso performance is not compromised. This includes a brewing unit for filter and espresso coffee, a water softener filter, and autosteam wand to help texture milk automatically.

Faemina is equipped with different ergonomic solutions, including the option of a removable drainage tank and Up&Down system to recreate recipes in different cup sizes. The coffee community can also interact with the machine thanks to the Be Faema app, featuring voice recognition.

Faemina will be available in Australia from April 2022 through distributor network Service Sphere, in New Zealand through Machines Limited and via its e-commerce website.

For more information, visit www.faema.com

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