Fairtrade-inspired trams hits Melbourne’s tracks

Faitrade tram

Fairtrade is releasing its own themed tram that is designed to remind viewers of the good that is happening in the world. It will be running on Melbourne’s tracks from 26 October to 11 January 2022 on routes 48 and 109.

Described as a “beautiful blue design” by Fairtrade Australia New Zealand CEO, Molly Harriss Olson, says she hopes the new tram will bring some brightness to the city as it emerges from lockdown.

“It’s been a really challenging time. I hope this gorgeous tram can serve as a reminder that there are many organisations just like Fairtrade that have been working throughout the pandemic to make a big difference in the world,” says Molly.

The tram was released as part of the Yarra Trams Community Partnership program in which Yarra Trams offers community partners in-kind advertising worth more than $1 million a year.

The program’s theme for 2021 is ‘A more sustainable Melbourne’ and focuses on organisations contributing to a more sustainable Melbourne, Australia, and the wider world.

Molly says she hopes the tram will become part of a bigger movement in a city where people buy a Fairtrade product to gift to someone who has been struggling.

“Buying and gifting a Fairtrade product brings double the joy. Firstly, when something like flowers, ice cream or chocolate has the Fairtrade mark, then you know that your purchase has made a positive impact on the person who produced it – they were paid a fair price and supported to look after their environment,” says Molly.

“And then, giving that wonderful product to someone locally will definitely make their day better. Extra bonus is that you’ll feel great too.”

“So, for the next three months while this tram traverses Melbourne, please think about celebrating the good by buying Fairtrade products and sharing them with family and friends.”

Victorian Minister for Public Transport, Ben Carroll, says the Fairtrade tram is promoting an important message of how people can make a difference.

“The pandemic has provided a stark reminder of how globally interconnected we are, and this bright blue Fairtrade tram is a reminder that we can make a positive impact to the welfare of people and the environment in Victoria as well as other parts of the world through the product choices we make locally,” says Ben.

Yarra Trams’ Chief Executive Julien Dehornoy says Yarra Trams has been proud to support organisations completing important community-focused work over the past few years.

“We do this because by promoting a worthy organisation such as Fairtrade we can support their deep and meaningful impact on producers, farmers, and workers across the world,” says Julien. “I’m looking forward to seeing Fairtrade’s brilliant blue tram out on the network.”

Yarra Trams is the world’s largest tram network, consisting of more than 250 kilometres of double track, over 480 trams with 1680 stops and 5000 services daily. The tram service is 100 per cent offset by solar energy.

For more information, visit www.fairtradeanz.org/a-fairtrade-tram.

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