Farmers Daughter

Farmers Daughter

When Danny Tosolini took over Farmers Daughter three years ago, he toyed with the idea of changing its name, but found there was nothing else that quite fit the café’s vibe.

Located in the leafy suburban area of Yarralumla, the café is near a lake and dog park, attracting a community of active, easy going café goers who come for the sunny atmosphere and high-quality food and drinks.

“We used the original café as a base and slowly built and improved upon it,” says Danny.
Serving up a classic café menu, he says it is simply the quality of the food and beverages that distinguishes the café, from the homemade pies to the deluxe ricotta pancakes.

The café also serves up Veneziano Coffee Roasters’ Elevate blend.

“Elevate is a blend of Brazilian and Colombian beans that has a bit of a punch with notes of chocolate and spice,” Danny says. “A friend recommended them to me and after trialling a couple beans, we found Elevate perfectly matched the flavour profile and strength I was looking for.”

According to Danny, the hands-on service Veneziano provides is another advantage of partnering with the roaster.

“The guys at Veneziano really provided the set up where we could sample different varieties, look at and learn how they do things, and really get that training for the staff,” he says. “Their a great bunch of people.”

Farmers Daughter well established, Danny’s plans are not to settle. Wanting to expand from the laid- back brand he’s established, Danny is currently in the process of fitting out a new café located in the CBD.

“It’s named Fuel Café and is a completely different atmosphere to Farmers Daughter,” says Danny. “Fuel is more about quick, efficient, high quality food and coffee to ‘fuel’ city workers in a busy environment.”

Here, Danny plans to provide ready-to- go food including roasted meat and fresh pasta. Espresso will be prepared on two La Marzocco Linea PBs. Expected to open at the end of July 2021, one thing that will stay the same across both locations is the relationship with Veneziano.

“We’re actually trialling new Veneziano beans to expand the range we have at Fuel café,” says Danny. “It’s been a bit of process to get Fuel to this stage with COVID-19 but we’re glad to almost be there.”

Farmers Daughter
27 Bentham Street, Yarralumla, Australian Capital Territory, 2603
Open Monday to Friday 7am to 3pm, Saturday and Sunday 7:30am to 2:30pm
(02) 6281 2233

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