Favours Coffee

Favours Coffee

Customers looking for coffee served with a side of “good vibes” thanks to a hostel-owner and builder should visit Favours Coffee, a new café in Bundaberg, Queensland.

“We like doing favours for people and helping them out, so we thought if we could make a business name out of that, away from the standard or generic ‘bean’ or ‘coffee’ in the name, we could make it fresher,” says Co-owner Kyle Myers.

“This is the same ethos for the colour [of our venue]. We’re not a dark, moody coffee shop, we’re white, we’re light, we’re fresh.”

Favours Coffee opened its doors to the community in June 2022 after Kyle and Co-owner Matt Haimes found the vacant site by chance.

“Matt was doing a job for someone he knew in town who had just bought the property and had said she’d like a café to be there. We jumped on the opportunity,” says Kyle.

The coffee served is a custom Favours Blend from Wolff Coffee Roasters, using a three-group Sanremo Café Racer espresso machine and Mahlkonig EK80 grinder.

“Our Favours Blend is a mix of Brazil and Zambia beans. We were originally use Wolff’s Big Dog Blend, but we switched to a custom blend that has more of a nutty, smooth finish, and is really easy to drink,” Kyle says.

“Wolff has been with us since opening and delivered amazing support throughout the whole process, always steering us in the right direction. We wouldn’t be where we are right now without them.”

Consumers can pair the coffee offering with sweet treats from Little Secrets Bakehouse in Sydney.

“The mocha walnut meringue sponge baked chocolate mousse topped with coffee ganache and walnuts; and the chocolate, marshmallow, and caramel popcorn cookie are definitely fan favourites,” Kyle says.

Favours Coffee celebrated its first birthday on 10 June, offering $1 coffee, giveaways, and merchandise to commemorate the occasion.

“It was wild. There was a line of customers out the door from 5am to 5pm, and we made around 500 coffees. It was so moving to see so much support from the community,” says Kyle.

He looks forward to meeting new customers each day and hopes the community loves the vibe just as much as he does.

“The idea of coffee is a routine for a lot of people, so if we can make sure that first part of their day is good and memorable, then the rest of their day is going to be more enjoyable,” Kyle says.

“We want people to come in and be a lot more energetic when they leave.”

Favours Coffee

109 Barolin St, Walkervale, Queensland, 4670

Open daily 5am — 5pm

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