Fleur Studd in her own lane

Melbourne Coffee Merchants and Market Lane Coffee Co-Founder Fleur Studd talks to BeanScene about the power of storytelling, a year of innovating and making coffee for the city that loves to drink it.
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Sasa Sestic on life after WBC

Sasa Sestic tells BeanScene how he found himself again after becoming the 2015 World Barista Champion, and his commitment to guiding the next generation of champions. 
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wolff coffee

The Wolff Coffee pack

Peter and Penny Wolff have mastered their craft, pioneered the Brisbane specialty coffee scene, and taken their customers on a journey over the past 36 years. Penny and Peter Wolff’s relationship resembles the plot of a romance novel. There’s the initial moment of electricity, a chase, a rekindling, and a happy ending.
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Paul Bassett

Paul Bassett: The trailblazer

Australia’s first World Barista Champion Paul Bassett reflects on his career in coffee, pursuit of flavour, and the global growth of specialty coffee. Paul Bassett is the only person alive who can boast having a World Barista Championship (WBC) title, television series, and Asian coffee chain to his name.
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Andre Eiermann Australia

Andre Eiermann moves to Australia

Andre Eiermann’s love of coffee has taken him all around the world. Now the former Swiss Barista Champion is set to call Australia home. For the past few years, 2017 Swiss Barista Champion Andre Eiermann has barely kept his feet on the ground. In his role as a brand ambassador for the Simonelli Group, the Swiss national has travelled from Europe to the United States, Asia, and, for the first time in February 2019, Australia.
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