Festival Of The Espresso Martini comes to Melbourne

Mr Black Spirits Co will host the world’s first espresso martini festival at Melbourne’s Meat Market on Saturday 5 November.

The Mr Black Festival of The Espresso Martini will play host to hundreds of coffee-and-liquor loving Victorians. With caffeinated creations from some of Australia’s best specialty coffee roasters, bars and coffee shops, food trucks, tunes and coffee pong, the festival will be a place for the people of Melbourne to taste, talk and celebrate coffee.

“The people of Melbourne have a love affair with coffee, and the espresso martini is now one of the highest selling cocktails on lists everywhere. So we thought, why not come together to celebrate this shared love with the perfect pairing of coffee and booze,” said Mr Black Founder Tom Baker.

“Making a good espresso martini is not a hard task – it’s just three simple ingredients – but our festival is a celebration of great drinks: espresso from leading speciality roasters, high-quality spirits, and of course the world’s best coffee liquor. We’re excited to get all our coffee and liquor friends in one place and have a cheeky coffee party.”

Some of Australia’s top coffee producers are on board for a day of caffeinated pleasure, including Campos Coffee, Milklab, Ketel One, Rushmore Coffee, The Kind Coffee Co, Beat Coffee and Two Birds Brewing.

Entry to Mr Black Festival of The Espresso Martini is $25 per person, which includes a Mr Black Coffee Liqueur shaken serve, free tastings and more.

Tickets are on sale now at the espressomartinifest.com and the Mr Black Eventbrite page here. The event will take place 2pm – 10pm.

Free entry for coffee professionals to the festival is also available. Sign up for more details and tell us who you work for at sales@mrblack.co

Established in 2012 in Australia, Mr Black was created by designer Tom Baker and Philip Moore. Mr Black was awarded a gold medal at the International Wine and Spirits Competition in 2013. With the award under their belt, the duo launched Mr Black to the Australian public in 2013. Their goal has always been to create a drop that embodies Australia’s progressive culture and their unrelenting pursuit of steel ground, cold extracted and caffeinated perfection.

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