Finca Santa Cruz wins gold again at 2021 Mexico Cup of Excellence

The Cup of Excellence (CoE) and the Mexican Association of the Coffee Production Chain has announced the winners from the 2021 Mexico Cup of Excellence competition, following the event’s hiatus last year due to COVID-19.

Revealed at a virtual awards ceremony on 4 June, the winner was Cruz Jose Arguello Enriquez’s for his Natural Geisha from Finca Santa Cruz which scored 91.58 points. Enriquez also took home a Presidential Award at the 2019 Mexican CoE competition.

“We are very excited and happy to have achieved these results. In 2019 our main objective as Finca Santa Cruz was to demonstrate the quality that the farm could offer,” says Cruz.

“This year the challenge was even greater; to maintain that quality and consistency. We are achieving it and the Finca Santa Cruz team is very happy.”

Cruz says the road has not been easy with constant discipline and training, but he overcame it through passion for the work he does.

“I cannot miss thanking my family. Without the support of each one of them this would not be possible, each one does their bit to get this boat afloat. We will continue working hard to bring these coffees to all parts of Mexico and the world,” says Cruz.

The 2021 Mexican CoE competition saw 30 CoE winners, four Presidential Awards, and eight National Winners.

The coffee presented by the CoE winners represented eight single varieties and 11 blended variety lots, while the coffee from the National Winners represented three single variety and four blended variety lots.

The competition saw 11 first time CoE winners, all of whom were new participants. Of the eight National Winners, six of these were also new participants.

There were 40 coffees total that were judged at the international stage at Global Coffee Centres around the globe including Nicaragua, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Norway, Australia, Germany, China, and the United States.

“It’s been a great honour to return as Head Judge and to have the opportunity to define Mexico’s best coffees. The coffee profiles we evaluated outdid themselves compared to the last competition [in 2019],” says Eleane Mierisch, Head Judge.

“I want to congratulate and thank producers for their effort, dedication, and passion they have for the golden bean that is coffee. The coffee really speaks for itself; we have amazing ambassadors that represent Mexico.”

Sample sets containing 200 grams of each of the 30 CoE winner lots and eight National Winner lots are now available to roast and cup before the auction. Auction results will take place on 15 July for CoE winners and 12 to 23 July for National Winners.

For more information on the auction please click here.

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