Fiorenzato and Puqpress collaborate for seamless integration on the coffee bar

Fiorenzato Puqpress

Two industry leaders in coffee puck preparation, grinder manufacturer Fiorenzato and automatic tamper maker Puqpress, have collaborated to design the Puqpress M4, an under-grinder tamper for the Fiorenzato F64 and F83 XGI Pro Grind By Weight Grinder.

“As industry and artisan alike continue to refine the qualitative elements of great coffee, the abundance of highly specialised devices continues to grow as well, seeking to meet the ever-increasing, exacting standards for quality coffee flavour,” says Brett Bolwell, CEO of Barista Technology Australia.

“These devices are often highly-specialised for their specific role the coffee process, and professionals take great care to select the right machine for the job. However, at times this singular perfection can see devices struggle to integrate seamlessly within the coffee-making process, and so compatibility is something of a boon for the dedicated barista, within their working day.”

Established in 1936, Fiorenzato is well-known and respected within the coffee industry for its heritage and dedication to applying decades of experience to producing new developments. Brett says this keeps them at the forefront of high-quality coffee grinding.

“As grind-by-weight quickly becomes the standard for grinders, Fiorenzato is already ahead of the curve and continues to stay out in front with their new XGI smart technology that offers gram-based weighing of coffee,” he says.

Fiorenzato’s integrated software records and processes data, ensuring every single dose consistently contains the exact amount of coffee as per the user input, ensuring recipes remain perfect – every time.

“This singular dedication to the perfection of their craft already makes Fiorenzato a popular choice among artisans and industry professionals, even before the added compatibility with the equally revered Puqpress automatic tampers,” Brett says. He adds that the Puqpress line of automatic tampers has become a café staple.

“Any romance for hand-tamping is eschewed by professionals for its unequalled precise and level, non-stick tamping, which focuses on consistent optimal flavour extraction. Further to this, their ‘do more, waste less’ approach is readily welcomed by baristas, who appreciate the hands-free tamping that, in addition to ensuring consistency, speeds up workflow and spares them the very real damage to shoulders and wrists, that can come from the repetitive tamping by hand, several hundred times a day.”

Brett says the compatibility of the Fiorenzato grinders and the Puqpress M4 is seamless, not only because of the vertical integration which minimises workstation surface area.

“it’s also the seamless integration of workflow, which not only affords baristas precious seconds between tasks, but also sees the exacting precision of a Fiorenzato grind instantly carried forward, and sealed within the Puqpress automated tamping, with adjustable pressures between to and 30 kilograms,” Brett explains. “Altogether, this not only extracts optimal quality coffee flavour from a grind, it ensures consistent extraction of said coffee flavour, every time.”

“This type of compatibility between devices is a dream come true for baristas, who no longer have to compromise their process by accommodating highly individualistic devices, and can instead work with devices that integrate with one another to complement the extraction process. It’s heartening to see the commitment to coffee quality in such innovative integration, especially with such outstanding results.”

Click HERE to learn more about the Puqpress M4 and HERE for the Fiorenzato GBW grinders.

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